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  • Panoramatherapy.at the highest level
    Panoramatherapy.at the highest level

Panoramatherapy® at the highest level

Wurzenberg is close to Gamlitz: it's one of those places where you get fantastic 360° views.

The modern architecture of the accommodation is transparent and open – just like an observation tower on one of the highest points of the South Styrian wine-growing country with unspoiled, peaceful and quiet countryside all around.

Our motto is: we indulge you if, and only if, you want us to - for instance; for breakfast and on demand. The remaining period is all yours – simply to enjoy yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you.
Yours, the Lippnegg family


"Other than the urban observation points like the skyscrapers in New York, Dubai, Frankfurt and Singapore, or like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Post Office Tower in London the panorama which you can enjoy on the Wurzenberg in Sernau characterized by peace and quiet. It is unique in its harmony. The season's blaze with colours, with the light's interaction, and the fresh clear air. Each season has its own beauty, which also possesses a unique freedom."

Dr. Knut Stene-Johansen,

University Oslo


  • Maria & Marianne vom Wurzenbergteam
  • Sauvignon blanc Lage Wurzenberg
  • Suedsteiermark Classic am Wurzenberg