in the vineyards


Winter on Wurzenberg

Enjoy a panorama therapy on Wurzenberg in one of the smallest hotels in the world!
Our BOUTIQUE HOTEL is positioned on one of the highest and most beautiful places in the South Styrian wine-growing country, with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere in which to feel comfortable and catch a breath. With the absolute calm of unspoiled countryside, an in-house garden with fresh herbs, a wonderful flower meadow, an arbour, together with the neighbours’ cows, horses and sheep that wander close to the hotel – there are many ways to relax.

Recharge your energy on Wurzenberg, a personal experience where you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable!

Rooms with a view

Nature Park Rooms and Nature Park Lodges

From mid-November until mid-March we open our lodges’ doors for our guests. Winter time is a wonderful spectacle here on Wurzenberg where nature shows its rough but more than beautiful face. The modern, open architecture of our hotel allows nature and culture to blend almost seamlessly. Large glazed areas in our lodges and the open dining area allow a view of the sublime scenery.

Our three nature park rooms can only be booked together during the winter months.


Wurzenberg Cuisine

We provide you with a full fridge, a bottle of regional wine and your very own Nespresso machine with capsules. Upon pre-order, we deliver a 3-course menu from Fridays to Sundays which you can warm up independently in your lodge. Also, our wine fridge will be filled for you with drinks. 

Wine Philosophy

Exploring South Styria

“Other than the urban observation points like the skyscrapers in New York, Dubai, Frankfurt and Singapore, or like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Post Office Tower in London the panorama which you can enjoy on the Wurzenberg in Sernau characterized by peace and quiet. It is unique in its harmony. The season’s blaze with colours, with the light’s interaction, and the fresh clear air. Each season has its own beauty, which also possesses a unique freedom.”
Dr. Knut Stene-Johansen (University Oslo)

In Winter Wurzenberg is set in the snowed-in countryside and offers stunning views. But in our lodges, it is always comfortably warm and toasty!